Holding Space Hammock - Sand

Holding Space Hammock - Sand

Finally, a blessed space that you can take with you! Sourced form Nicaragua. Hand Woven and encrusted with the finest crystals. Sand Includes Either Rose Quarts/Pink Lava Rock or Jade/Labradorite Color Ways. All crystals are cleansed with salt water and charged with the full moon. 


This Rose Quartz Is POWERFUL! Known for bringing love to life and attraction. 

The Jade is BRIGHT and Labradorite is STUNNING. They are the perfect combo for protection, abundance, stress mitigation, and luxury.


Set includes: One hammock, Crystals, (2) Carabiners, (2) Strings of Rose Quartz LEDs. 
Model: Small Size – One Person
Dimensions: Length: 9'8'' (118in) | Width: 3' (39in) - Bed Lenght: 85 to 90 in
Weight Capacity: Max. 400lbs
Number of strings per knot: 18
Material: 100% cotton hammock / Hand-woven ropes
Batteries: Not included


Please allow 30+ days for your order to be completed as this is a pre-sale. 

  • Liability

    Holding -Space Hammocks are the property of Holistic-Spaces Design Consultancy.  Hammock Designs and embellishments are inteluctual property and are not to be duplicated. The Hammocks are safe when secured to reliable structure(s). Holistic-Spaces Design Consultancy is not responsible for any injury or damage in or around the hammock. Please consultant a physician to determine if a hammock is safe for you to use especially if you have recently undergone surgery. Holistic-Spaces Design Consultancy is not responsible for injury or soreness due to residing in or falling out of Hammock.